Children are confident and involved learners

Sunny Stars Berwick Early Learning Centre offers a renewed approach to education that works at catering for the emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual needs of each child in care. Through our program we prepare children for life and nurture the children at all ages to live happily together as members of a diverse community. From tiny baby, tots to preschool, they learn acceptance and understanding of all people and beliefs. Our Unity in Diversity calendar features multicultural and multipath elements and events that encourage positive friendships with one another.

We believe in the recognition of the uniqueness of each individual and the need for children to develop an understanding and respect for self and others and the environment they live in. We acknowledge the importance of children, parents and staff as partners in a learning community that promotes the well-being, education and development of all children. We believe that interaction, sensitivity and attachment are fundamental elements in providing opportunities for children to realise their potential develop a sense of one-self.

We believe that the role of adults is to provide a stimulating and responsive environment, where positive reinforcement and encouragement make learning possible. The environment will be welcoming, safe, and will offer a sense of belonging to all children, families and staff members. We acknowledge, incorporate, value and embrace the culture and diversity of people within our Centre and the world around us.